GARDEN JOURNAL ** How to mend a hose that’s sprung a leak

Today my hose sprung a leak. I suspect a critter chewed a hole in it. Last month a pack of coyotes chewed my neighbor’s hose into eight pieces to get to the water in it. She’s the one who told me to always have a few hose repair kits on hand! I Used the Gilmour 5/8” hose mender.  It’s quick and easy. I used my garden clippers to cut the hose where the hole was and then followed the directions on the packaging. The only other tool I needed was a screw driver. People often throw away a hose that has a hole in it because they don’t’ realize how easy and fast it is to fix. This hose took me 5 minutes to fix and it’s one more thing I can keep out of the landfill.


How to mend a hose

Instructions on how to repair a garden hose

Tools I used to repair my garden hose


Half way through the garden hose repair job

Garden_hose_repair _job_complete

Garden hose repair job complete





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  1. Great story. A friend of mine suggested I do this and It has worked out wonderfully for me. if you have any kind of drip system put a few bowls under some of the drippers. It will take a very small amount of water away from the plant but the animals will have a source of water to drink and they will not chew up the hoses. the very best to all permitculturists out there!

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