GARDEN JOURNAL ** It’s time to order garlic for Fall Planting

Order Garlic Bulbs Now! 

It’s almost time to plant garlic! If you haven’t ordered yours you can still get them at:, I just checked. I’ve been buying organic garlic bulbs here for 3 yrs. and have been really happy with the harvest (fyi – I’m not on their payroll). Plant garlic in October or November for a June/July harvest, here in Julian (USDA Zone 7) I plant it in early November. You can get hard neck, soft neck (the kind you can braid) and elephant garlic. They are all good! I’ll be posting some planting tips for garlic next month. One important early tip is to plan ahead and choose a location in your garden that is protected from gophers. Gophers love garlic.

elephant garlic_how to grow garlic_ when to plant garlic

Elephant Garlic harvested in June

2 Thoughts on “GARDEN JOURNAL ** It’s time to order garlic for Fall Planting

  1. Nice looking garlic! Can you plant garlic that you buy in the grocery stores?

    • You can try but I don’t recommend it because garlic is often treated with a sprout inhibitor. You might have better luck with organic garlic from the grocery store but still you have no way of knowing how old the cloves are or what type of garlic you are planting. All that being said, if it comes down to grocery store garlic planting or no planting at all I would experiment with grocery store garlic!

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