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GARDEN JOURNAL ** How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap

fruit fly trapAaaargh! I have Fruit flies!

Baskets full of apples and tomatoes are sitting on my kitchen counter (waiting to be cut up and put into the dehydrator) and I had the front door open during the Art Studio Tour. Swarms of fruit flies mistook the piles of fruit and open door as an invitation and they’re now flying all over my kitchen.  I used to have to go on a gross killing spree to get rid of these pests but now, thanks to Shanti, my husband’s daughter, teaching me how to make this super easy trap to catch the pests and relocate them back outside where they belong, I don’t have to resort death and destruction.

Here’s how to make it . . .

You simply take a jar (I prefer a wide mouth jar) and bait the trap with a few pieces of fruit at the bottom, then cover the top with clear plastic wrap, securing it with a rubber band. You poke several small holes (just big enough for a fruit fly to crawl through) into the clear plastic wrap.

The way it works . . .

The fruit flies smell the fruit, they crawl into the jar through the small holes BUT they can’t find their way out again, so they remain trapped in the jar. Once you have caught a bunch of flies take the jar outside open it up and release them. Be sure to close the door behind you so the flies don’t go back in the house! Yes, I left the door open behind me the first time I released them LOL. I don’t know why the flies can’t find their way out of the jar but this really works, if you ever have fruit flies give it a try!